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Carpet Cleaning Services

One of the most overlooked areas of a working office is the carpet. Clean Carpets will leave your office feeling fresh, and they help your working environment to be conduscive.

We at Carpet-Lab have been cleaning carpets for more then 7 years and have helped transform and refresh the carpets of thousand different places. 

Providing Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Carpet-Lab is a local  operated carpet cleaning company with over 7 years of experience. We pride ourselves on providing the best and most vaue for money quality carpet cleaning services in Singapore. We provide cleaning services island-wide. Since 2012, we have successfully cleaned over 1000 carpets and become the trusted choice of thousands of homeowners  and business owners. Because we provide every customer with excellent customer service, fair prices, and amazing results, we receive the majority of our work from returning customers and referrals.

Carpet-Lab can handle carpet cleaning jobs of all sizes, from routine cleaning and sanitization of the carpets throughout a office with heavy traffic to removing coffee stains from a white carpet, to thoroughly cleaning carpets on a cruise ship. In order to help restore life of your carpets and to maintain their vibrant colours, you can count on Carpet-Lab to always use the latest skills and technology, advanced carpet cleaning equipment, and eco-friendly but effective cleaning solutions.

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Call (+65) 9112 2826 today to learn more about our professional carpet cleaning services available in Singapore. quotations are free, and prices are determined by square footage. Click here to visit our Pricing page. For your convenience, we can typically accommodate same or next-day appointment requests.

Carpet Cleaning Methodology

We use only the latest machines and procedures to efficiently deep clean your carpet to ensure the lowest downtime possible. We are able to complete the job in a much shorter time as compared to using traditional carpet cleaning methods. Carpet Drying time is also faster due to less water wastage.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Dry vacuum to remove dust and dirt from surface of carpet.
  2. Carpet Shampooing with single disc scrubber.
  3. Removing the dirt trap in carpet using a water extractor.
  4. Carpet treatment with anti bacterial chemical.
  5. Using a blower to dry the carpe

The Above traditional method is ineffecient, extremely long cleaning time, long drying time and huge amount of water wastage.

Carpet-Lab Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Dry vacuum to remove  any dust and dirt from the surface of the carpet.
  2. Using only the latest machine to deep clean the carpet. Our machine is able to:
  • Spray the carpet cleaning agent with eco-friendly, anti bacterial solution evenly
  • Deep clean the carpet and extract any dirt trapped in the carpet
  • extract the cleaning agent and water remaining in the carpet

Our cleaning method will ensure that downtime is minimum with a fast drying time. Our cleaning agent is eco friendly and has a neutral PH level which does not leave any residue in your carpet. The cleaning agent will also allow your carpet to retain its vibrant colors for a longer peiod of time as compared to traditional carpet shampoo. Your carpet will remain fresh, clean and bacteria free for a longer period of time

prices starts from $0.20psf.

Contact us today at sms/whatsapp/call 9112 2826 for a no obligation quotion. You may aso refer to our pricing chart here

Why Carpet Cleaning?

  • Bacteria, germs and viruses
  • Dust mites and pest
  • Mold and Fungi spores
  • Dust, soil and dirt
  • Stubborn stains
  • Food Residue (food source for pest)
  • Allergens and Bio-contaminants
  • Dead Skin Flakes (food source for dust mites)
  • bad odours
  • Allergies
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Coughing
  • Skin rashes on legs
  • Sinus infection
  • Pest infestation
  • Asthma

Increase the lifespan of your carpet and rugs

Vibrant colours of carpet restored

Dirt and soiling on carpet is removed completely

Harmful bacteria, germs and viruses are removed completely

Dust mites are eliminated

stubborn stains are removed

Quality of indoor air is enhanced due to clean carpets

You are free of allergies and infections

Project a professional image of your office or home 

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 7 Years of Carpet Cleaning Experience
  • Highly Trained, NEA licensed cleaners
  • Using only the latest machinery from Italy and Germany
  • Non-Toxic, eco friendly, neutral PH, Effective Cleaning Solutions
  • Leaves Your Carpet Clean, Fresh & Residue Free for a longer period of time
  • Restore vibrant colours of your carpet
  • Removes Dirt, soil, germs, bacteria, viruses Dander, Spots & Allergens
  • Next-Day or Same-Day Appointments Often Available
  • Affordable, Value for money
  • Excellent customer and after-sales service
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